Organization of trainings and conferences

We designed this special offer including organization of trainings, conferences and workshops to meet your expectations.

Great location in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, professionally equipped rooms, experienced staff and exquisite cuisine guarantee the success of every meeting.

You have at your disposal three conference rooms, designed to ensure nice atmosphere while you are working.

Organization of trainings and conferences near Warsaw

In Grodzisko Hotel we prepared conference rooms certain to satisfy even the most demanding clients looking for excellent location near Warsaw. Our guests will find here all-embracing rooms with essential equipment as well as extra amenities i.e. accommodation and boarding.

Grodzisko Hotel Restaurant

Our hotel restaurant ensures a comprehensive service of trainings, conferences and team-building events in picturesque Grodzisk Mazowiecki. Exquisite cuisine, carefully selected menu and paying attention to every detail will meet expectations of every guest.

Dinners and suppers

We serve dinner sets and excellent suppers:

  • Dinner: soup, main course, water, juice – from PLN 40 net/person
  • Dinner: soup, main course, water, juice, dessert –  from PLN 45 net/person
  • Supper: appetizers, soup, main course, dessert, water, juice – from PLN 64-92 net/person

Coffee buffet

Coffee break is a must at every training, conference or business meeting. A well-prepared meal will not only give you plenty of energy but also help you build relations between participants as well as raise the importance and prestige of the meeting itself. That is why, we pay attention to every detail whatever we do.

We offer two kinds of coffee breaks:

  • Biscuits, fresh coffee, multi-flavoured tea, water with lemon, juice – PLN 23 net/person
  • Biscuits, fresh coffee, filleted fruit, multi-flavoured tea, water with lemon, juice – PLN 34 net/person

Hotel rooms for conference participants

Conference participants can stay in comfortable hotel rooms located in the same building as the conference room and the restaurant. The hotel service we provide is on the highest level and our rooms fully adapted to the needs of our guests.

We offer you:

  • Single room with breakfast – PLN 193 net
  • Double room with breakfast – PLN 266 net
  • Triple room with breakfast – PLN 349 net

Conference rooms near Warsaw

Organization of trainings and conferences in Grodzisko Hotel

Modern and fully-equipped conference rooms make a perfect venue for various business meetings such as presentations, conferences, sessions, negotiations or trainings. Each room is designed to create a nice atmosphere to help you work effectively.

We offer a large training room of 200 m2.

The room in theatre setup can seat up to 200 people.
The cost of renting the room – PLN 800 net

We also have two air-conditioned rooms.

Orange Room oraz Coffee Room.

Allowing for 20 people in theatre or conference setup with tables.
The cost of renting the room – PLN 616 net

At Grodzisko Hotel we can rearrange the setting of each room in line with your needs. We are open to your suggestions, requests and negotiations. We make sure that you leave the hotel feeling happy and fully satisfied.

Our conference rooms near Warsaw are waiting for you!

Contact us:
tel. 515-044-605

We do business with:

  • H&M
  • COIO
  • DAFA

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