Package One

In this package we provide you

  • Soup and main course
  • The appetizers on the table
  • Dessert buffet consisting of 4 types of cakes
  • Cold drinks on the table unlimited
  • Hot drinks in the buffet unlimited

Years of experience in organizing special events helped us design great packages for christenings at Grodzisko Hotel. Preparing the menu for christenings we pay attention to every detail and expectations of our Guests.

Menu for christenings

At the beginning of the party

Dish served

  • Homemade chicken soup with noodles/Tomato cream with roasted sunflower seeds/White vegetables cream with roasted almond flakes
  • Breast stuffed with spinach in cream sauce served with boiled potatoes with assorted salads

Children’s menu

50% discount for children from 2-12 years old

  • Broth with homemade noodles
  • Chicken nuggets served with fries and carrot salad
  • For children, instead of strogon, I can suggest burgers

Appetizers served on the table

  • Herring on pumpernickel bread
  • Platters with roast meats
  • Pickles
  • Cesar salad
  • Salmon in rice paper with goat cheese / salmon marinated in soy sauce
  • Homemade pate served with cranberries fried in wine
  • Selection of bread and flavoured butters

Dessert buffet with 5 different types of cakes

I propose a classic cream cake with fruit served with hot raspberry mousse for PLN 15 per person

Unlimited cold drinks put on the table

  • Juices in jugs
  • Carbonated drinks such as Pepsi, Mirinda, 7 Up
  • Water in jugs with fruit and mint

Hot drinks in the buffet are not limited

  • Coffee
  • Multi-flavored teas

Visit us – we will advise you on the best solutions for you and answer all your questions. Phenomenal baptism rooms in Grodzisk Mazowiecki are waiting for you!

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